Dwarf Fortress 12: Ringstaff, Winter 126

In which we follow and leave the outpost Ringstaff.

Work on what will be the great dining hall continues. With the smoothed walls and engraved pillars finished, our miners get back to work, channeling and carving out the next part of the cupola.
Our woodcutters venture deeper and deeper into caverns to gather more wood. We probably should find out whether or not there is any coal on this map: if there is none, we would either have to use charcoal (for which we would need a whole lot more wood) or build an industrial complex somewhere near lava. What could possibly go wrong.
Here is a collection of the engravings on the uppermost floor of the dining room:
Suddenly our stone-processing industry comes to a grinding halt.
There are no more rocks in the stone stockpile. For now we mitigate this problem by cutting all links between the stockpile and the workshop, even if this means risking that the masons start working with the boulders furthest away from the shops…
The middle floor of the cupola is finished, the engravers get to work and our miners start the work on the ground floor.
We finally get the pump for the water reactor build: having defined a burrow, we assigned one of our masons to it. Having literally nothing else to do, he finally finished the pump.
We rebuild the second waterwheel, which was destroyed by being-attached-to-nothing.
What is left to do is to designate the lower area as a pond, so our citizens can start grabbing buckets and fill it.
Meanwhile, our mayor continues to lose it. After ordering the construction of grates, he now bans the export.
What is it with those grates, Ïteb?

I finally found the dfhack version the current Dwarf Fortress-version. dfhack is a toolpack capable of nearly everything, the most important thing here being prospect – which shows us ALL THE MATERIALS on the map.
No iron ore (hematite, magnetite, limonite).
No coal (bituminous coal, lignite).
That’s it. I’ll retire Ringstaff. A new world will be created, on a more powerful machine.
It was fun to play on this map, to show some of the basics and to not die horribly. But it doesn’t make much sense to continue here, as it would probably derail into me doing one megaproject after another, and that wouldn’t that funny for everyone else.
Thanks for reading.
Dwarf Fortress will be back.

Also, I’m an idiot who didn’t know about prospect all. But as Ringstaff had no neighbours of interest, it wouldn’t have been much fun anyway to continue.

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