Postcards from a New World

So, I did Anno 1404 for a while.
Sandbox-game on easy, if you really want to know. I scratched that particular itch for the time being, and there most likely wont be a detailed playthrough. At least not in the near future.
I used layouts from the wikia and and this production calculator.

However, I took some screenshots using the postcard-mode. So have some content that looked much better ingame and ignores even the few things I know about photography.

Wheat farms, windmills and bakeries provide bread for the people.
Wheat farms, windmills and bakeries provide bread for the people.

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BioShock Infinite 25: Wrapping Things Up, Again And For Good

In which we do exactly what it says on the tin.

This is the final final post of the Infinite. And what a ride it was.
The game started with a good idea, warped and twisted by blind implementation of legacy mechanics without sufficient anchoring in the world and the fact that they did Columbia as a shooter with a mediocre-at-best gunplay. Then we were given some more gunplay. THEN we were given everything missing and some more: the Burial at Sea-DLC did so many things so right that it is both a shame and totally incomprehensible how this could happen.

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PSA: Dwarf Fortress and Other Things

Dear readers,

The picture-issue should be resolved. Should some more or other problems arise, please contact me.
Furthermore, The Bioshock Infinite-series ends in a few days. There might be a break afterwards, as my free time is rather limited at the moment. Should circumstances require a prolonged break, you will be informed. I have no idea how things will continue here, but I’ll poke around some new (as in “previously unplayed”) game in the next days. At least that what I planned…

BioShock Infinite 23: Going In Circles

In which we encounter a disturbingly correct depiction, visit a well-known place of literature and see some sense in the opening section.

During this part of the game, both the player character and an underage nonplayer character are subjected against their will to an invasive psychosurgical procedure. If such things disturb you, stop reading.

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PSA: Dwarf Fortress

Dear easily entertained people readers:

It recently came to my attention that the pictures from DF: Winter 125, pt. 1 onward don’t link to the media file as they should. I blame MS Word, which I used to write those posts, and the upload process. Correcting this is a pain in the arse using a netbook. However, I will have access to chrome next week, so you can expect a correction then. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and will keep you updated on the update.

In addition to the pictures, the numbering from Autumn 125 onward was off by one – Summer and Autumn both were labeled as “Dwarf Fortress 04”. This should be corrected now.