Life is Strange: Unreflected Fandom-ism

Warning: contains spoilers.
Also: horrible food-analogies.
Also: absolutely unreflected just-finished fanboy praise.

Disclosure: I never before played a Telltale-esque episodical¬† like The Walking Dead or any other choose-what’s-happening-next make-your-own-adventure-game-thingy. I first-timed a sort of game that’s been out there for years.
Also, this post is, as I’ve already said, not very reflected. I’ve been hit over the head with a colourful brick of awesomeness – repeatedly – and I have to get this out of my system. This is praise, not a review or a LP.
Horrible food-analogies will begin after the break.
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A General Update

So, what is going on here? Right: nothing.

But what’s going on in general? Read and learn.
First of all, I’m still looking for a job. It still sucks. But there’s another interview coming up Thursday. Also, I finally started going to the gym. Let’s see how long this lasts. And I’m now a proud owner of a so-called “smart phone”. Why? To get rid of my netbook for yt and e-mail and a calendar while travelling. This thing has three more cores than my old netbook, and every one of them is faster than the one in there…

And now for the things you’re here there are several things I currently play or have played in the recent past.
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