PSA: Change Of Regime

Effective immediately, the Bioshock Infinite-series will update on Tuesday and Friday.

This will allow me to run the series longer (until JAN 9th instead of JAN 2nd), hopefully allowing me to continue with the DLC straight away. Yes, I will get the DLC during the current Steam Sale, and yes, I will talk about it. It is likely that I continue the Infinite-format of first-play-commentary.

Furthermore, this new schedule gives me more room for other things. I’ve just made sure these other things wont happen, right..? The every-other-day schedule left me with, well, every other day for something different, which somehow led to me thinking I’d better write stuff for every day. This might actually be possible right now, but it wont be for long.

End of PSA. Bioshock Infinite will return with part eleven on Tuesday, DEC 30th.