The How, Why, and Huh?

First things first: SPOILER WARNING.
I’ll generally try to keep spoilers behing the more-button, however I will not mark every spoiling post individually. You have been warned.
Another first thing: I’ll clear out the registrated users on a regular bases. Anyone who doesn’t seem legit to me will get kicked out. If you’re not a bot and don’t want to get the boot, drop me a message.

This is yet-another-attempt-at-blogging ™. Don’t expect regular updates, be happy when new stuff shows up.
This blog primarily goes into gaming, with additional content whenever I feel like it. And I’ve probably just made sure, that no gaming-content will ever show up.  I can’t say what form(s) eventual content will take, but I plan on some form or other of Let’s Play (which might include detailed cronicles of failure for your amusement) as well as I-have-played-this-game-and-here-is-why-it-sucks-nitpicking from someone without any reasonable expertise in the field of game design. Expect me to be horribly and otterly wrong more than once.
Furthermore, I want to have  reason to practise my written english. Should you find blatant (or small) errors, feel free to point them out.
Anyways… let’s just see where this is going, and whether or not it’s going anywhere. Have fun.

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