Life is Strange – a post-mortem

It’s over.
I really do not want it to be over. And filling the hole this game left wont be easy.
But that’s how it is, and I cannot thank dontnod enough for creating this magnificient piece of work. The world would indeed be a poorer place without it, and I am not saying this lightly. It truly is one of the, if not simply the best ride I ever had in gaming.

There are spoilers below. I wont call names, but some things are by neccessity of the discussion quite obvious. Consider yourself warned and DO NOT READ ON IF YOU PLAN TO PLAY THE GAME!
Seriously, don’t. I got spoilered-by-accident yesterday by the title of a linked yt-video in fb. Even minor spoilers can drastically alter the perception of the game.
You have been warned.

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