A General Update

So, what is going on here? Right: nothing.

But what’s going on in general? Read and learn.
First of all, I’m still looking for a job. It still sucks. But there’s another interview coming up Thursday. Also, I finally started going to the gym. Let’s see how long this lasts. And I’m now a proud owner of a so-called “smart phone”. Why? To get rid of my netbook for yt and e-mail and a calendar while travelling. This thing has three more cores than my old netbook, and every one of them is faster than the one in there…

And now for the things you’re here there are several things I currently play or have played in the recent past.

First of all: Pillars of Eternity
Kickstarted in 2012, this spiritual successor to the great CRPGs of the past totally lives up to my expectations. That is, it’s complex, it has a great world, a HUGE amount of background detail and the ability to constantly instill fear in me to totally fuck up my character during leveling. According to the steam achievements, I’m still in the first act (with 8hrs in I’m not surprised by that), but I do recommend this game.

Plague Inc.
Well, there was this steam sale… create your own disease, kill everyone. It’s about as dark as it seems to be. I’m currently struggling to get the zombie-virus to kick off properly.

Cities: Skylines
What the last Sim City probably could have been. For me it feels like I’ve nailed the traffic-problem for now – at one point in the near future I should sink some more hours in there, purchase additional 2x2km-tiles of city and try it on a larger scale. But so far: solid simulation. Fun to do.

World of Tanks
Yep. I’m doing this again. Actually managed to get my winrate up a notch. Due to blind luck, but the statistic doesn’t care.

System Shock portable
Yes, it works. No, it didn’t age that well. But it’s still fun.

Mobile Gaming
I took a look at World of Tanks Blitz, which seems to be as good as it can be when one takes the control-disadvantage into account.
I’m also dabbling a bit with Ingress, which is quite fun and actually can show you some things you always run past before.
Also: Harvest Moon on SNES emulator. It’s thing. Deal with it.

Things planned
continue Wasteland 2, which should be self-explanatory
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
Life is Strange
I don’t think one of these will warrant a detailed whacking as Infinite did. There probably wont be much coverage.

Cards against Humanity, as seen on TableTop. Using this online version. It was fun, although it didn’t take off as well as the card-version due to regular connection errors.
Stone Age,
as seen on TableTop. Good game, but you should have someone good at math or a calculator handy.
Die Zwerge,
based on the novels by Markus Heitz. It’s a cooperative game, played against the players’ own bad luck at dice-rolling – which spawns more enemies, which may not reach a certain tile on the map. Interesting concept, well-made mechanics. Had I actually read any of the novels I might be more enthusiastic.
a new take on Charades. Instead of acting-out the word/phrase/quote/concept, markers for main and secondary categories are placed on a board full of pictograms. It works surprisingly well even for complex concepts. Yes, I did “censorship”. Edit: as seen on TableTop.
as seen on TableTop. Thank you, Toji. Each player controls a dragon and has to stay on the board for as long as possible without colliding. In turn, each player lays a new piece of the map on the board, immediately moving forward all affected meeples. Fun to play, and fast to play.
Ankh Morpork
, obviously based on the novels by Sir Terry Prachett. The players take control about more or less well-known faces of the twin city, trying to get control of the city by placing their minions and occasionally backstabbing other players’ minions. Every party has their own agenda, and only one can have his fulfilled in the end. Or the game ends when the victory condition is fulfilled.

The Future of this blog
Good question. Most things currently played by me don’t work well as text-based LPs. I most certainly wont start streaming or yt-LPs, not least because I’d rather have something interesting to say if I do so. I’ll try to keep you updated about what’s going on.

Oh, and those of you speaking german: check out Mr. Bannocks awesome The Secret of Monkey Island-Let’s Play. It’s worth it.

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  1. Game is Valley “Tsuro”(the one with the Dragons). Concept will be on this episode of tabletop btw 🙂

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