BioShock Infinite 24: The End

In which we visit some more medical facilities, watch a recording happen and see the end of it all.

Atlas brought us to the Artemis Suites, where we gain entrance to Suchong’s secret lab. This is where he spent years after years of research to get the Big Daddies to bond with the Little Sisters – the former tended to be indifferent, the latter scared of the giant diving suits.
I honestly have absolutely NO idea why Sally called for Mr. Bubbles at the end of Ep. 1 or why said Mr. Bubbles went on a killing spree to save her when we’re just about to encounter the secret behind the bonding here (spoiler alert, but you knew this). If some Big Daddies bonded before, it is never mentioned. Why did I start thinking about this? It was so perfect. And I just remembered that it doesn’t get much better. AAAAHHH! DAMN!
The first thing we learn is that the drill used by the Big Daddies (and the player in Bioshock II) was making them unstable. They are to be removed in later versions, probably leading to the design with the rivet gun.2015-01-09_00207We also learn that the bonding process is nothing genetic. Elisabeth’s hair sample from Columbia wasn’t worth the effort.2015-01-09_00208 2015-01-09_00209Another thing we come across is the first design for a vita chamber, complete is an incredibly detailed chalk-drawing, an insane amount of technobabble plot magic-babble and some equations. The equations seem to be the real deal (I didn’t check, so they’re close enough), but this is still not how is works. I wont even ask about the “tuned to Ryan’s genetic frequency” stuff, even though it explains why only the player character of BioShock I but no splicers were resurrected by it.2015-01-09_00210 Continuing our way, we come across several tables with absolutely nothing interesting on them.
We come across a room where a Big Daddy blocks our path. He seems to be hurt, and two Little Sister huddle in a corner. 2015-01-09_00211We somehow need to get Mr. Bubbles out of the way, but how would we do this? Ohh, surely there are some notes from Suchong somewhere in the lab. What, we just came from there? So? There was nothing of interest? Look again!
And suddenly: notes from Suchong. This bugged me in every adventure ever, and it bugs me now. “No, you cannot interact with this object because the plot tells you not to”. Oh well…
Both notes are obfuscated using Suchong’s chemical elements-cypher. Easy enough to crack, they tell us that the Big Daddies need the Little Sisters, because the Sisters are the only ones producing the kind of Adam required by the Daddies. So we go back, tell the girls to take the thorn out of the lion’s paw and watch them helping Mr. Bubbles getting up. They go their way, we go ours and come across some more of Suchong’s research. Something called “cognitive conversion”. We also find an audiolog where Suchong asks a child if he would kindly break his puppy’s neck. The boy obeys against his will. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
Suchong strides around his office when we finally find him. He is getting more and more desperate to solve the problems with his creations. He’s trying to concentrate, but the Little Sisters really want to tell him what they just did, helping Mr. Bubbles and all. Suchong looses his temper and hits one of the girls. Big mistake.2015-01-09_00220Mr. Bubbles charges in, drilling Suchong onto his desk. This scene can be found as an audiolog in BioShock, and now we’re watching history being made live and in colour.
On Suchong’s desk we find another letter, containing information about the Ace. It’s another one of the chemical cyphers, and either there is some more scrambling in there which is never mentioned or the whole process is just an excuse to draw fancy formulas.2015-01-09_00222This is not “would you kindly”. I’m currently to lazy to do a known plaintext attack on this or one of the other documents – if you’ve done so or know someone who did, please do enlight me.
We still have a deal to seal, so let’s go and meet with Atlas.2015-01-09_00224Atlas, curse his sudden yet inevitable betrayal, knocks us out cold. This somehow seems to help our memories regarding the doors: we’re in the toilet of an airplane. The same airplane that crashed into the sea at the beginning of the first game. We see the protagonist of the first game bringing down the plane. And we see a letter, containing the phrase which started all of this. “Would you kindly”.
Elisabeth takes another heavy hit and remembers more of Rapture’s future: the crash, the city, Tenenbaum’s refuge, Altas/Fontaine’s end… And behind a last door, she sees the protagonist awaiting a bathysphere surfacing in front of the lighthouse, containing a little girl.2015-01-09_00245All the suffering Elisabeth endured will finally come to an end, and her sacrifices were not in vain – they set in motion a chain of events leading to the end of Rapture, freeing the children the city runs on. In one universe, that is. But the price is high.

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