Elite: Dangerous 00: Launchday

It’s December 16th. Launchday. But where is my game?
This question was finally answered by a look at Elite’s facebook page, opened half past noon. “In an hour”, 30 minutes ago. 1300 CET. I somehow missed this information in the last newsletter before launch as well as on the web page.

At 1300 I launched the launcher and was presented with the option to install the game or to start the combat simulator. Naturally, I went for the installer. Like everyone else at this time.
Download speed was around 1.8MB/s with pikes into two-digit-numbers, at least while it wasn’t zero. I’ve had this phenomena of no-download-at-all during the download of the combat simulator. Maybe this is a technical issue, maybe it’s intentional (download a batch, integrity check, installation-stuff, download next), I don’t know.

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A first look at Elite: Dangerous – the Combat Simulator

Elite: Dangerous launches tomorrow. So I thought “let’s download the launcher, maybe I can preload the game”. I was wrong.
But everyone who had preordered the game at any point has already access to a single player combat training, so I’ll just talk about that. It’s 30-minutes-in and should be interpreted accordingly.

Related: I still have to figure out how to get usable screenshots out of this, so no pictures today.

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Interlude, 13.12.2014

Today I finished Bioshock: Infinite. There are currently 6 more posts queued up, and there should be at least two more in it. As I have massively underestimated this before, there are probably way more than two in there.

This was Bioshock Infinite without any DLC – I’ll probably grab the DLC once its on steam for cheap. The nitpicking will continue, of course, should this happen.

Some for-now-final words: I liked this game. It tells an interesting story, and it tells it well. It’s beautiful, it’s colourful, it really knows how to do environmental storytelling. And it does a really good job with its ending.
I enjoyed playing it, and I thoroughly recommend playing it.
The nitpicking will continue tomorrow.

What’s next?
Dwarf Fortress still does this thing were directly after an update another update is announced, with another feature I’d rather wait for.
BUT: on Dec. 16, Elite: Dangerous will be released. There’s a good chance I’ll do some launch coverage (look at me, using all the big words) and/or some “let’s fiddle around and complain about it” as I’ve done with Infinite.