Oh look – April already

Looks like I didn’t do much here. Whoops.
But then, that was to be expected.

However: the things I’ve done so far in gaming this year:
The first Anno 2205-DLC
The Talos Principle
Stardew Valley
Armored Warfare
Dark Souls II
Dwarf Fortress

Also: I finally got the ink I thought about for quite some time. Ouch.

Anno 2205: Tundra-DLC and Wildwater Bay
View of the TundraIt’s… okay. I guess.
The tundra is settled somewhere between the temperate and arctic zone – well, duh.
Let’s start again.
We don’t get a ship but a ground effect glider, and we have to dry out the swamp to access more building ground. Sector project is a seed vault, placed here by one of the fractions of 2070.
And yeah… it’s okay. Both the project and the aquire-more-land-mechanic tend to be a bit tedious. Not hard, just time-consuming. Also I didn’t place much work in good design here, I just wanted the project to get finished.
And speaking of the project: it gives us a new fancy resource and new additional buildings for our industry, massively boosting productivity but consuming said fancy resource. Will probably come in very handy when one tries to max out every sector.

And did I ever talk about Wildwater Bay?
Wildwater BayWildwater Bay was a free DLC, giving us a new temperate sector. Sector project is the reclaiming of a sunken warehouse of Trencoat, the Travelling Salesman of the previous installation. Basically a new Iridium-source and more building ground – I mostly didn’t use it, but I think the next DLC, our very own space station, will be expensive as fuck, and then I’ll need moar taxpayers…

The Talos Principle
One might call it Portal-ish, but that wouldn’t be quite right.
It is Portal-ish in that it is a first person puzzle game.
It isn’t Portal-ish in that Portal’s puzzles are mostly based on crazy movement, while the Talos-puzzles focus more on item usage, connecting point and avoiding hazards. Which again in somewhat Portal-ish. Dammit, it is a first person 3D puzzle game without portals and some devilishly evil bonus tasks per level.
It also deals with questions of consciousness, free will and AI. And as all players are iterations of a test, you can leave messages around for other people in your friend list to find, which is a) pretty cool and b) should be better communicated.
Communication is in fact the one thing this game would need to improve. On more than one occasion I had to look stuff up, because the game for example never told me in any way I could pick stuff up that was placed on the ground below a ledge. At least I do not generally assume I can pick things up that are one player height below me…
It also features one of the best limericks evar.Talos LimerickAll in all, it is a good game. Go play it. There might be a full post on this in some point in the future.

Stardew ValleyBumworth ManorIt’s Harvest Moon on PC.No, seriously. It is Harvest Moon on PC.
It scratches a VERY specific itch.
Maybe more on this later.

Armored Warfare
I made it to tier 5. Hard PvE is cool. Cool, but at times insanely frustrating. And I’m beginning to understand why Löwe-players in WoT are generally insulted first and evaluated later.
…what do you mean “what am I talking about”? Alright. The Löwe is a theoretically powerful tier 8 premium tank in World of Tanks. One you can buy for money. So some people get WoT, buy a Löwe and suck at high tier games. And sometimes I get the feeling that some people buy tier 6 premium tanks in AW, get into hard PvE and… do suboptimal things.
However, look at these sexy sexy pieces of steel:T-62 Mk. 5 ChieftainThose things are FUN to play.

Dark Souls II
Oh boy. Ohhhh boy.Meet BrunhildMeet Brunhild, Die-eress Of Many Deaths.
I will probably reboot her once more upon losing about 5k souls  by stupidity in the early game. Which brought me into the situation that I could really use a cewl piece of gear right now which I can neither afford nor use.
However: yes, DS2 is brutal. It is hard. But I have to call it fair. Most of my deaths were due to my own stupidity, for example by getting swarmed, by failing to parry or by some other fails like that. Stoopidest thing: attacking while standing on ledge. Falling of ledge. Pile of souls upon death by falling: located on top of the ledge. Repeat. Lose 3k souls. I was angry. But yeah… my own fault.
The game looks beautiful, plays reasonably well on the SteamTroller, and might me cost many hours of my life…

Dwarf Fortress
DF got some pretty shiny new things implemented, and I fiddles with wome pretty shiny new 3rd party applications. Maybe some more on that later. Maybe even a new LP.

I can do this now. twitch works. Albeit I probably wont do much in terms of streaming – beginning with the problem that I cannot give any regular dates, ending with the problem that I don’t have many interesting thing to say to most of my games.
However, if someone really wants to watch me blundering, give me a note.

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