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The bastard of a Let’s Play and a design decontruction of Bioshock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite 0: Introduction

Instead of short-post-nitpicking on fb, I will instead write down all my complaints about and all the odds and ends I find, well, at odds with the game, in this series.
Yes, it WILL be a series. This part, and at least one more. Two make a series. Shut it.
Each post will start with a (very) short introduction. All things spoiling will be hidden behind the “read more”-button. This is the one and only warning. On a related note: please don’t spoil me. Thanks.
This might degenerate into a load of bitching-and-moaning. However, at least until now, standing in front of the Hall of Heroes, I actually enjoy this game. I will still complain about a good number of things until this point. We will see how it develops past it.

I’m playing the vanilla version, no DLC, latest steam-patch. Graphics are at preset “high”, the game’s recommendation – mostly stutter-free. First playthrough, so if in doubt I really don’t know better.

NOTE 1: Your mileage may vary about all things I’ll say. This is an exercise of deliberately grabbing a crowbar, sticking it in every crack and applying a good amount of force to it, so please refrain from comments like “just stop playing if you don’t like it” or “it’s just a videogame”. Both would be valid arguments, and both would miss the point.
NOTE 2: I’m not good at this. Better: I’m new to this. The style will not necessarily be enjoyable. I’ll work on this, or at least I will fail trying.

That’s it, let’s go for a ride.